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What is a strong password?

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A strong password includes the use of letters (upper and lower case), numbers, and special characters. A strong password generally has a minimum of 12-14 characters in length.

Here are some general guidelines pertaining the the creation of a strong password:

  • Has a minimum length of 12 characters
  • Includes the use of numbers, special characters, capitol letters, and lower case letter.
  • Isn't a word in the dictionary or a combination of dictionary words
  • Doesn't include common substitutions -for example, "Learn1ng" in'st strong simply because a 1 was used instead of i. 

You can mix it up and create strong passwords -for example, "LiquidLearning!123" fits most of the above requirements. It is 18 characters long and includes upper and lower case letters, a symbol, and some numbers. But it is however fairly obvious because of the words in the phrase are found in the dictionary, the letters a capitalized in the traditional way, there is only one symbol, all the numbers are on the end and in order. 


A great way to create memorable passwords which are strong is to think of a phrase.

For example- My favorite teacher from the 5th grade was Mrs. Rambo

This phrase creates the password- Mftft5gwMrs.R!!  

Use the first letter of each word to generate your strong password, don't forget to include special characters! 

Another example- Bethel University was founded in 1842 in McLemoresville, Tennessee