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What does "Powerwash" my chromebook mean?

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The term "powerwash" your Chromebook refers to resetting your Chromebook to its original settings when it was new. This will clear all of your information on your Chromebooks hard drive, settings, apps, and extensions. This may be needed if you have received a message that says "Reset this Chrome device!", are experiencing issues related to your user profile or settings, have tried restarting your device and  are still experiencing issues. 

Prior to preforming a reset or "powerwash" on your Chromebook you may want to backup information from your hard drive, turn off Chrome extensions, and do a hard rest.

Reset, "Powerwash" your Chromebook using keyboard shortcuts

  • Sign out of your Chromebook
  • Press and hold Ctrl, Alt, Shift, and R
  • Choose restart to restart your Chromebook
  • Choose restart and sign into your Google account