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Why does my laptop turn off without warning?

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When computers get overheated, they are designed to turn themselves off automatically. Heat related computer issues occur when they are working hard for extended periods of time. There are a few things that you can check to see if your computers issue is heat related.

  • Check to see if the computers fan is coming on and running quickly and smoothly.
  • Listen to the fans movement. If you hear any loud squealing sounds or abnormal sounds, this could be an indication of a fan malfunctioning.
  • Check you surge protector, ensure that it is free from breaks in its plastic covering and in proper working order. You could have a problem related to the surge protector or the walls outlet. Try using a different wall outlet and surge protector. 


It is also possible that your computer has a virus or malware that is designed to shut down your computer.

  • Does your computer shut off when performing certain tasks or using specific programs?
  • Does your computer shut off at specific times of the day?
  • Try running a scan using the Avast Antivirus antivirus software program that came on your laptop to see if your system has become infected.


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