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What is Adware or Spyware? How do can I protect myself from Adware or Spyware?

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Adware and spyware are software programs designed to gather information about you and your internet browsing habits for marketing purposes. These programs gather information by means of  advertisements and embedded applications. Often these programs are installed automatically  because they are bundled in with other software and are sometimes difficult to uninstall traditionally. Adware is designed to feed advertising by means of pop-up ads and/or toolbar installations, these toolbars will often redirect your searches to unintended sites.  Spyware monitors your computer and internet use, some of the effects include "keyloggers" that can capture of your keystrokes, credit card numbers, passwords, and sensitive information. 

The best way to prevent your privacy and the effects of adware and spyware is to:

  • Read the fine print when downloading and installing software programs.
  • Do not click unfamiliar links in pop-up windows, the best way to close a pop-up window is to right click on it in the taskbar and select Close or select active window and use Alt + F4 on the keyboard.
  • Use caution when installing free software of Freeware, read the fine print as these programs utilize spyware and adware to fund their software projects.
  • Keep your Windows software updated. Microsoft publishes updates every time they discovers a flaws in their operating system which viruses and spyware find vulnerabilities to penetrate. 
  • Keep your Anti-virus software up to date.
  • Ensure that you are utilizing a good software firewall, this blocks attacks on your computer at a remote location and prevents the computer and its network location from being hijacked.

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